About Re-Emergence Series


Re-emergence is a series of drawings that detail the lives of girls and women. The artist aims to capture as many transformational events that can occur throughout a woman’s journey in life, thus the series is ever changing both its direction and its narrative. While it is universally recognized that each woman’s journey is unique, the focal point of each piece is done so as to find a common emotional connecting point that all can relate to. The emotionally charged nature of realistic visual portrayals allows each woman and individual to interpret each passage in time represent as they see fit. It is the artist’s belief that women’s voices are necessary in assisting others along their journey, providing both emotional and spiritual nourishment.

Cara feels that to create pieces in a such a manner shatters the feelings of isolation women often encounter within the powerful transitions in their life; the menarche, birth, loss and so forth. Doing so brings honest conversations to the forefront and embraces the idea that the defining moments of women’s lives are to be celebrated. This also provides space for the many women that no longer find themselves living within such a secluded manner to share their journey of what the artist has deemed as a ‘re-emergence’. “Re-emergence’ (as it applies to this series) is the phenomena that women through major shifts in consciousness that occur after powerful events such as birth, motherhood, menopause and loss are reawakening the ancestral knowledge that lies embedded within every woman’s cellular DNA. It is a universal movement where women in place of external sources have begun to listen to the innate abilities and knowledge that lie within. These cellular databases are the contributions of the women of our lineage that came before us. While there is much beauty in preserving the wisdom of our mothers and the mothers that mothered them, there is also much work to be done with regards to the healing of any oppressed group of individuals. Re-emergence speaks of the need to healing pathways and the merit in reopening wounds so as to surpass pain and inter-generational trauma.

This series holds the transformative power of women and their stories while exposing the spiritual and emotional landscapes of each pivotal point within a woman’s life. When these factors unite, women and those that surround them have the ability to change the dialogues they have about themselves and their experiences.